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Association of Russian and Foreign Professional Attorneys and Counselors-at-Law

International Legal Alliance sets protection and representation of interests of legal entities and individuals in governmental and judicial institutions in the Russian Federation and abroad as its primary objective.

Our distinctive characteristics include the following:

  • ► more than 100 successful law suits
  • ► eriodic maintenance of professional qualifications
  • ► monitoring and analysis of the current legislation
  • ► participation in russian and international law seminars
  • ► consultations on the US law and representation in the US federal and states’  institutions
  • ► English speaking lawyers
  • ► affordable fees for individuals
  • ► Pro Bono legal services
  • ► visiting Clients’ places of business or residence

International Legal Alliance also has as its values enhancement of the quality of the legal services it renders, raising the level of professional responsibility of the lawyers, popularization of legal knowledge and experience, improving of the significance of the legal profession, maintaining the principles of the professional ethics, and professional cooperation with colleagues across the world.